The Fun Website


The new Ruffles Brazil website featured the brand's character presenting our new concept "Tire uma onda" which was all about having fun and making jokes. 
Our main character: Batatito
Our website was all about fun, so our products page should be too. Instead of showing  just
packshots, we brought the brand’s character “Batatito” to the frontstage. Each product inspired
different situtations to put him in action, making our page much more appealing to  our young
target, and to everyone actually.
Ruffles Extreme (Cheddar and Bacon) - Batatito sky diving
Ruffles Extreme (Pepperoni) - Batatito on a roller coaster
Ruffles Barbecue - Batatito playing guitar on a barbecue place
Ruffles Cebola e Salsa (Onion and Parsley) - Batatito dancing Salsa
Jokes library
This is where the real fun is on our website, we called it "Zoeiroteca"  that means "jokes library". We created lots of original content - meme like images, funny messages as gifs and audios that could be browsed, downloaded and shared on social networks chat groups like whatsapp. It keeps being fed with new content from time to time. It became the brand's library of jokes and fun stuff.
Some of the final shareable content

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